A wave of memories

Today evening, after completing a considerable portion of my work I am currently working on, I just had a break. It was a breezy evening with sun shining mildly on my face and I was sipping my mug of coffee, when a wave of memorable memories splashed upon my mind. It was about the past one month which went on with campus interviews coming towards me on a conveyor line. Yeah, that was the reason for my blog to go on a hibernate. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The last month was completely filled with campus interviews. Being an undergraduate, and having no experience in facing official interviews, I was a kind of nervous and excited. I know I have been preparing well, and the preparation was like a good old friend beside me saying, I am there to lend you a helping hand. So I just had the thought that interviews would be based on some questions which tests how far we understand the concepts and how well we are able to think, solve problems, code, etc, etc. My interview went a step more than that.

What I really enjoyed about my interview was that, I never expected such questions, it was completely related with the practical work I have been doing as a passion / hobby, and more important is that I was able to answer those. ๐Ÿ˜€ Yeah, it revolved around my open source contributions, patches I have submitted, tools I have used, and so..on. I initially had the feel the my contributions bridged the gap between practical and theory stuffs, but it was much more. And the pinnacle is even higher I believe.

So my open sourcing world comprises of three things, Drizzle, SaltStack and Google Summer of Code. Having peeped into many organizations, it was finally Drizzle which marked the beginning. That was the entry point, shown by my dear friend Vijay Samuel. And then inside Drizzle I became friends with Patrick Crews, who finally became my mentor. ๐Ÿ™‚ They were the pillars with which I was able to get a balance and stabilize myself. And of course Drizzle, which provided the platform.

I loved this work and that is when Google Summer of Code 2012 sprang in. And double joy was that Drizzle was an accepted organization. It was their third year at GSoC. I started fixing bugs, submitted patches, proved my worth and finally got my proposal selected. This 4 months of program strengthened the bond between me and Drizzle. I was able to learn a lot lot lot of new things, interesting stuffs, etc and I didn’t want to leave this organization.

With many friendly people around, I felt the warmth given by Drizzle. I started contributing to Drizzle even after Google Summer of Code 2012, then had SaltStack in parallel and today, I am again into Google Summer of Code 2013, working for Drizzle and using SaltStack tools. The whole blend of Drizzle + SaltStack + Google Summer of Code. I sincerely thank my friend Vijay and my mentor Patrick and of course Drizzle organization for helping me bring out my potential, learn new technologies, getting hands on experience and getting a job offer as well. ๐Ÿ™‚


The start of another season

It has been a long time since I posted here. Being occupied with works apart from the normal routine, kept me far from blogging. ย So now has the time come to share something with my readers.ย A lot happened over the past 2 months, out of which Google Summer of Code is the noteworthy one. And yeah, my proposal for this season has got selected!! ๐Ÿ™‚

I am very much happy to work again with Drizzle and my mentor Patrick Crews. My project for 2013 again circles around Quality Assurance. The whole idea is to create a new Continuous Integration Infrastructure and revamp the test runner for parallelism. In short, Automation + Parallelization.

Lots of design works have been made over the past few weeks and the code base is taking its shape. In my next post, I ll be writing about the idea behind the project followed by weekly updates. And once things get done, I could write up a documentation, as it would help out the users of the new CI infrastructure. ๐Ÿ™‚

So now I am a Drizzle Developer

The desire to contribute to opensource sprouted in me quite a long time ago. Browsing over the web and learning more about it, learning more from my friends, the eagerness reached a peak. It was at this point that I came to know about Google Summer of Code. To put it in a nutshell, Google Summer of Code ( GSoC ) is a program hosted by Google, where a lot of opensource organizations participate. Students can suggest their project ideas or develop existing project ideas, work on and develop their module(s) and receive stipend from Google.

I dived into Drizzle and chose a project on Improved Performance Regression Monitoring, which is related to Quality Assurance ( QA ). My project got selected and henceforth I need to start coding for my module. With the support from my mentor, Drizzle developers and a friend of mine, I learnt the basics. I also did some work on learning python, as I had to code my module in python and I was new to that language.

The three months time working with Google and Drizzle was really a groovy experience for me. I learnt a lot, enjoyed my work, and made friends and so..on. And at the close of the program, I had my modules completed, generated good documentations and all set. My code was merged into the Drizzle Trunk ย ( the main source code ) . And that’s the most awaited moment!! I have become a Developer ( contributor ) at Drizzle!! A dream came true : )

Coded for an Integrated Development Environment

To say more about it, it is my first project in my college career. It was done with my self interest. The IDE was coded in GTK+. Initially I had very little knowledge on creating it. I didn’t even know how an IDE works, ie. how it compiles the code, displays the compilation message and executes the program. Then I started to browse the web, and finally ended up with GTK+. First I tried creating some small windows with some buttons and simulating a simple dialog box. Once i became familiar with the language, I started coding for the IDE.

Since I was doing my project in Linux environment (Ubuntu), it was easy for me to make the system calls. I ended up compiling and executing the code by making the respective system calls. That’s something which I learnt new.

Finally, ย completed my IDE in 2 months span. Though the application has minimal features, and merely no portability, I learnt quite a lot from this project. I learnt a new language, how to work on a project, how to timeline our period of work, etc. Indeed that was a kick start for me to get involved in projects.