Drizzle says hello to SaltStack

This post is about my next work, Importing Drizzle database to Salt modules. This was suggested by my mentor Patrick Crews and I thank him for giving me this golden opportunity of extending Drizzle to SaltStack. This is the first of the series of posts regarding this project.

I have done some initial work and have successfully connected to Drizzle server. I ll first tell about the changes to be made in the master / minion config file. Before using Drizzle, we have to enter the configuration parameters namely host, user, password, port and schema in the suitable config file. ( /etc/salt/master for master config or /etc/salt/minion for minion config ). If we want to use Drizzle in a specific minion, we can add these parameters in that minion’s config file. Else, if we want to access Drizzle on all the minion, then add these parameters in the master’s config file. You can just append the respective file with:

drizzle.host: ‘’

drizzle.user: ‘root’

drizzle.passwd: ”

drizzle.db: ‘drizzle’

drizzle.port: 4427

Once this is done, restart the master with /etc/init.d/salt-master restart or the minion with /etc/init.d/salt-minion restart. Now you can access the Drizzle database through remote execution 🙂

As an introductory work, I have written the method for retrieving the version of Drizzle server that is running on the minion. This can be used with the command option : salt ‘*’ drizzle.version.

In my system, I got the output as :

sharan@sharan:~$ sudo salt \* drizzle.version
VERSION(): 7.1.33-stable

So Drizzle module will be available in full swing in the fore coming weeks.. Stay tuned.. 😀


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