Coded for an Integrated Development Environment

To say more about it, it is my first project in my college career. It was done with my self interest. The IDE was coded in GTK+. Initially I had very little knowledge on creating it. I didn’t even know how an IDE works, ie. how it compiles the code, displays the compilation message and executes the program. Then I started to browse the web, and finally ended up with GTK+. First I tried creating some small windows with some buttons and simulating a simple dialog box. Once i became familiar with the language, I started coding for the IDE.

Since I was doing my project in Linux environment (Ubuntu), it was easy for me to make the system calls. I ended up compiling and executing the code by making the respective system calls. That’s something which I learnt new.

Finally,  completed my IDE in 2 months span. Though the application has minimal features, and merely no portability, I learnt quite a lot from this project. I learnt a new language, how to work on a project, how to timeline our period of work, etc. Indeed that was a kick start for me to get involved in projects.